Thursday, March 13, 2008

Part of my insane household

I live in an insane household.

I have a two year old (who has blood sugar issues) that I cannot get to eat and who turns into a raving lunatic when when he doesn't. I also have a bizarre cat that suffers from bulimia (sp?) and tries to eat all the puppy food before the puppy can get to it then promptly throws it back up.

I finally moved the bowl next to my desk so that I could guard the bowl. The other dogs want her food too. I swear they circle like a school of sharks. It's quite amusing as none of them like each other.

Here's Widget sitting there staring at the bowl and waiting for me to turn my back. You'll note the obligatory Hot Wheels car. I'm thinking that my kids just might be on the Hot Wheels product placement payroll since one seems to show up in almost every pic I take around here.



  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    One of our dogs is a small dog - and the cats will bully her away from her food bowl and eat it. So I had to laugh at the picture because we see that stare all the time...

  2. aaahhh.... cats... ours has an anxiety disorder and aggression issues. my health coverage doesn't cover pet therapy although if that thing keeps on biting me, it's going to have to cover MY medical expenses!