Saturday, July 14, 2007

free stuff costs $$$

Ya ever noticed how free stuff costs you money? Two examples that happened this week:

1. Some tenants moved out of a rental house that we have and left a bunch of stuff. One of those being a sega-genesis game system (one of the old original ones). Eldest happens to be a video game junkie and was thrilled. The system was missing a cord, so there was $13 bucks spent on a cord and one used game for it.

2. Free Braves tickets from a rich uncle who has season tickets. Hubby wasn't going to go. He's been in a terrible depression from the job and has been turning into a house hermit. He desperately needed a night out. I had to almost pick a fight with him to get him and eldest to go. They both had a great time and after I got the youngest to bed, I had a relaxing evening to myself. Of course they had to get drinks and peanuts at ball park prices but I consider that evening worth it!

So, I got a little bit more on the corset done. I'm on chart D and working my way through the mini cables. Here's some pics of the project right before I started on that section.
I can't wait to finish this. I think I'm going to try Annie's new corset top after this! It's been fun to do this one. There are several mistakes hidden in there, but I "think" they're not going to be noticeable to anyone but me, especially since I'm the only person I know around here that knits. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why ME? rant

Why ME? Why do I get stuck in long lines with older men who feel compelled to tell me their life stories? For the second time in recent history (see here for the first) , I had to sit and listen to this older dude tell me the following:

1. "Oh, you live over on ******* street. Well, let me tell you, I was one of the people that framed your house. As a matter of fact, I framed all the houses in that neighborhood."

2. "I live over on **** street for 27 years. Yep, 27 years until my wife decided she wanted a divorce and kept the house. Yessir, I had just got that house completely paid for and then I had to go and start payin' on another house. My daughter and her boy live there too. It's over back behind the high school. We watch the kids run track and play football over there all the time."

3. "My grandson is five. He's going to be in kindergarten at ***** school. We thought about going to ***** school, but decided that ***** school was closer."

Now, I'm all for being friendly. I like meeting people, really, I do. But, there's a limit to how much I want to find out about them at the first meeting. Are these folks just that lonely or just that dumb? I mean, what if I was a spy, a home burglary expert, or a child kidnapper even? I've just learned your life story, where you live, where your ex-wife lives, where your grandchild lives, that you have a grandson going to X school. These people are ripe for pickin'. Scary.

But seriously, why me? Do I have a huge sign on my forehead that says "If you're over 55, please, tell me your life story while you waste an hour of your time in line?"

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cursed by the cemetery?

Well! Long time, no speak. Last week is such a blur. I was very busy for the 4th. My number two nephew had his official Hindu naming ceremony that day. I didn't understand a word of the ceremony since I don't speak that Indian, but it was basically wishing him health, wealth and a long life.

Here's a pic of the little butterball. He's so cute. When he smiles he looks like Buddy Hackett! It's so funny. He's so sweet and he can pucker up for a kiss like nobody's business. Here's proof:

Me and the nephew

Not a flattering pic of me, but I wanted to show the world that cute little fella.

After that was over, eldest and I dropped off the youngest and the hubby and then we went to catch the fireworks over the Marietta Square. This area gets incredibly crowded during the fireworks and it's hard to find a good vantage point, but we did it. We and about 100 other folks set up shop in one of the cemeteries (sounds creepy doesn't it?) and it was great. Very loud and very bright. Evidently most folks don't like sitting in cemeteries. That's just fine by me.

On the knitting front, I've only gotten a few more rows in the corset. It's coming along slowly. I finished the armholes and I'm about to start all the ribbing. I'm not feeling real confident about it. It feels like the tension is too loose on it, but we'll see.

Eldest and I have caught colds. Hmmm... maybe a curse from the cemetery?