Monday, July 09, 2007

Cursed by the cemetery?

Well! Long time, no speak. Last week is such a blur. I was very busy for the 4th. My number two nephew had his official Hindu naming ceremony that day. I didn't understand a word of the ceremony since I don't speak that Indian, but it was basically wishing him health, wealth and a long life.

Here's a pic of the little butterball. He's so cute. When he smiles he looks like Buddy Hackett! It's so funny. He's so sweet and he can pucker up for a kiss like nobody's business. Here's proof:

Me and the nephew

Not a flattering pic of me, but I wanted to show the world that cute little fella.

After that was over, eldest and I dropped off the youngest and the hubby and then we went to catch the fireworks over the Marietta Square. This area gets incredibly crowded during the fireworks and it's hard to find a good vantage point, but we did it. We and about 100 other folks set up shop in one of the cemeteries (sounds creepy doesn't it?) and it was great. Very loud and very bright. Evidently most folks don't like sitting in cemeteries. That's just fine by me.

On the knitting front, I've only gotten a few more rows in the corset. It's coming along slowly. I finished the armholes and I'm about to start all the ribbing. I'm not feeling real confident about it. It feels like the tension is too loose on it, but we'll see.

Eldest and I have caught colds. Hmmm... maybe a curse from the cemetery?
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