Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Decorations

We've completed the final decorations for Easter.   What do you think of them?

You wouldn't believe how long he left that egg up on top of his head, at least 10 minutes.  The cat decorator thought this was fabulous fun:

The photographer snuck in a Toe Floof pic, just for herself:

I'm off to the lake for Spring Break & Easter.  Posting may be sporadic at best next weekend due to poor internet connections and speed there.

Have a great Easter everybody!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter is Upon Us!

Easter is upon us and preparations have been made.  Tell me if you can guess what these are:

No, it's not giant teeth.

What about this, know what it is?

It's definitely not giant Calamari Rings.


They could be pickets for a cute little picket fence, but they're not.

When those not-pickets were being cut up, there were some pointy shaped leftovers.  See what the Youngest did with them (check out the cape too):

Okay, I'll have mercy on you.   I bet you can guess what they are now:

Yep, Bunny Ears.  The Youngest's class party is today and I was scrambling to get these made in time. 

I used one giant (36" x 60") piece of white Foamies and two of the regular (11" x 17") size pink Foamies to make them.  At JoAnn's they were charging $.99 per (11" x 17") sheet.  At that price, this project could get expensive real fast when you need enough to make 12 hats.  But I found the giant roll of white Foamies on an endcap on the aisle and they were charging only $7.99 for it.

I would have needed 3 regular white sheets per child (12 kids).  Ouch.  Without the big roll or a coupon I would have paid $38.00 for 12 hats or $3.16 per kid. 

With the roll and a 40% off coupon the Total price for 12 hats = $6.80 or $.56 per child.  Much better.

The bands that go around the head was 4" x 20" and was stapled together at the back of the head (smooth side of the staple to the inside please.)  I made a template of the white part of the ear and drew it onto the big sheet.  I made a smaller template for the pink part of the ear.  Assembly of the ears was done with regular glue and then the ears were stapled onto the back as well.  I'm a big fan of staples, can you tell?

Super easy Easter project and they turned out darned cute if I do say so myself:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sheepy Dinks

I'm still on a Shrinky Dink kick over here at House O'Shea.  These are so much fun and can be pretty useful too.  Wait a minute.  Shrinky Dinks?  Useful?  Well, in this case, they are.  Except I prefer to call them Sheepy Dinks.

Sheepy Dinks Gift Tags:

More gift tags:

Yet more:

And these?  These are destined to become stitch markers:

Yep, Shrinky Dinks and Stick Figure Sheep.  More fun than they have a right to be!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Look At My Ravelry Store

Hey All!  For those not in Ravelry, you can now see my small portion of it here.  They are allowing me to be one of the testers of this and I'm tickled to death to be able to show it to you.  You won't be able to see all of Ravelry yet unless you are a registered user, but it's cool that they are letting everybody get a taste of it now.

They are planning on opening everything up to the public eventually, but for now registration is required.  Which is not a big deal since if they'll let me in, they'll let anybody in!  If you are a knitter, crocheter or spinner, I encourage you to join.  The pattern database alone is worth it, not to mention being able to see how patterns work up on real people.  Then there are the forums, groups, etc.  Very cool.