Saturday, August 11, 2007

Garfield Wannabe

Does your cat do this? How do they breathe like this? It can't be comfortable can it?

Hi, I'm Tiger and I'm a Garfield Wannabe.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Earricuss Gigantus

Messiouss Babious + Mosquitoe = Earricuss Gigantus
This is what happens when a 19 month old and an itty-bitty mosquito rendezvous. You get a hugely swollen ear. Notice how it's standing straight out from his head! When the youngest woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon, he had a huge Dumbo ear. I rushed him to the doctor to find out why my baby had elephantitus of the ear. The doctor just glanced at him and said "oh, it's just a bug bite." So, $30 dollars spent to be told he had a bug bite. lovely. The swelling is still not completely down, but it's getting better.

Sillius Boyius with new Glasses

Yesterday was a lovely comedy of errors. First, found giganta ear on baby. Second, made Dr. appointment. Then, left 20 minutes early to pick up eldest from first day of school. This part was HELL. Very unorganized pick up situation due to construction and first day confusion. This resulted in us being 20 minutes late to the doctor. Only to be told about the bug bite.

Oh Well. Today was much better. Thank God. I actually got two repeats done on the sock I was knitting in the car pool line.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy Dance, New Sock

Use your imagination for a moment and picture me at this moment doing a major happy dance. YIPPEEEE!!! School has started once again!


Ok, I feel better now. I was sick to death of hearing "Mom, what can I do?" said in a whiny tone of voice. When I made suggestions, they were never the ones Eldest wanted to hear. I swear, People with no children will never understand the joy that school starting again can bring.

Proud of himself!

I promised I'd show the new sock that I'm working on. This is from Charlene Schurch's book, Sensational Knitted Socks. This is the Laburnum Socks. I'm using the red and purple yarn that I dyed here. I've been itching to try the yarn out and see how it would work up and I love it! Lookee - stripes! Even the gray is getting in on the act. I'm impressed. I wasn't even looking to make self-striping yarn.

Look closely at the terrible Microsoft Paint addition to the photo. See, I do my best knitting if I have something to listen to. The Green is what I managed to do at my Mom and Dad's last week during idle chitchat. The Yellow is the heel I completed watching Mission Impossible 1. The Red/Blue was done watching M.I.2 Have I told you how much that movie sucks? Consider this my first movie review. (Yes, if you didn't know before, you know now - I'm like umpteen dozen years behind in movies.) Why did I get so little done? I walked out of the living room after about 20 minutes or so. I left the hubby to torture himself with the rest of the movie.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

FO and Fun in the Sun

I've got lots of pics for you from the last week, but I'm going to break them down into separate days.

First, here's the spruce ankle socks that I finally finished. I left them at Mom's. On purpose, natch. I have an extremely narrow foot and these were way too wide for me. Luckily, Mom has a wider foot than I, so someone gets to enjoy them. Forgive me for showing you two pics, but read the captions and you'll understand. They turned out okay, but I wasn't real enthused about them. Not sure if it's the colorway, which is very pretty, or the plain stockinette, but it took sheer willpower (why can't I use willpower to get over the chips ahoy cookie fetish I have?) to get over the second sock syndrome this time around.

This is sort of a hybrid sock I suppose. It's a toe-up sock (love the toe-ups - so practical.)
I used the magic cast-on for the toe, which is awesome by the way. Plain stockinette for the foot, and used Wendy's generic toe up recipe to do the short row heels (which I'm getting the hang of - sorta) and 2 x 2 rib for the ankle.

Blurry, but the color is right

Clear, but the color is way too dark

I started a new toe-up sock, but I'll share that later.

Fun In the Sun Part 1:
Look at these two photos closely. Can you see a shared trait? Can you tell they're brothers? Check out those tongues stickin' out!