Sunday, August 05, 2007

FO and Fun in the Sun

I've got lots of pics for you from the last week, but I'm going to break them down into separate days.

First, here's the spruce ankle socks that I finally finished. I left them at Mom's. On purpose, natch. I have an extremely narrow foot and these were way too wide for me. Luckily, Mom has a wider foot than I, so someone gets to enjoy them. Forgive me for showing you two pics, but read the captions and you'll understand. They turned out okay, but I wasn't real enthused about them. Not sure if it's the colorway, which is very pretty, or the plain stockinette, but it took sheer willpower (why can't I use willpower to get over the chips ahoy cookie fetish I have?) to get over the second sock syndrome this time around.

This is sort of a hybrid sock I suppose. It's a toe-up sock (love the toe-ups - so practical.)
I used the magic cast-on for the toe, which is awesome by the way. Plain stockinette for the foot, and used Wendy's generic toe up recipe to do the short row heels (which I'm getting the hang of - sorta) and 2 x 2 rib for the ankle.

Blurry, but the color is right

Clear, but the color is way too dark

I started a new toe-up sock, but I'll share that later.

Fun In the Sun Part 1:
Look at these two photos closely. Can you see a shared trait? Can you tell they're brothers? Check out those tongues stickin' out!

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