Friday, February 01, 2008

On Hairdressers

Why is it so hard to find a good hairdresser? I mean, there are people who cut hair and there are people who cut hair. I want one of the latter.

I have very naturally curly hair which I sometimes style straight, sometimes curly. It's the best of both worlds, if it's cut right. To top it off, I'm blond. Evidently, thick curly hair is not the norm for us blondes, so most hairdressers just don't know what to do with it. They're used to thin, fine hair on blondes.

When I get my hair layered correctly, it's like the angels come out of the heavens and all sing a rousing chorus, "LLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!". When it's not though, my hair turns into the envy of all poodles.

I live in a very affluent area. Notice I didn't say I was, just the area where I live. There are tons of great hair places around here if you have the moolah, which I don't at the moment. I've been to one that is fantastic, but they charge $55.00 just for the cut. not the style and blow dry, that's extra. If you decide to do anything with chemicals, expect to cough up a wad of cash.

So today I went somewhere else for a cut that was a bit cheaper. The cut was okay (barely), the style was horrendous. I told her I wanted it styled straight. Her idea of straight was a "late 80s" type of straight where she employed curling irons. Um. FAIL. She was amazingly out of date for today's styles. You wouldn't believe how many waves were still in my hair when she quit. She told me, "It's as straight as I can get it on a day like today." uh-huh. Humid, but normal for GA. At that point I just wanted her to quit so I could leave.

I ran home, and re-styled it. Perfectly straight. In 5 Minutes. It took her an hour to do everything that she did: cut, blowdry, style.

It will do for now, but I won't be going back there. I haven't tried letting it go curly with the cut she gave me and I'm a little scared to try. I'm sure it will be fine. I hope.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Half a Sweater

I'm feeling much better. Antibiotics are wonderful things. Thanks to those who chimed in to wish me well.

I finished the lace portion of Bella Paquita and attached it to the top of the sweater. This part of the grafting went much better than attaching the sleeves did. Not sure why, but I'm much happier with how it looks than how the sleeves look.

Look Mom - Half a sweater!

On to the next portion. I am built like a pear (and I freakin' hate it, but that's neither here nor there,) so based on my measurements, I decided to use the small size top and medium size bottom to the sweater. Lord how I wish I could say the opposite, but child rearing has done me no favors.

Now if I had known how much math was involved with knitting, I might not have taken it up as a hobby. really. It's simple math that always messes with my brain, not the hard stuff. Why me? Why was it so hard today for me to figure out how to get the number of stitches I had on each side, front and back, down to the starting number of sts. on each side? Why? It's not hard, but for some reason my brain refused to wrap itself around these numbers. A calculator wasn't even that much help. And to top it off, I had to figure it out and make sure that the k2p2 ribbing came out even. The first time I did it I ended up with a k2k2p2k2 kind of thing. Not pretty. It was a total BLONDE afternoon.

I like being blonde. When I do stupid things, I get to blame it on my haircolor. :)

I got some new sock yarn in from Knitpicks. I'm playing around with a new sock design idea (cross your fingers that I can figure it out) and it was a good excuse for getting in these colors:
Black, white, pink, soft yellow and green

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Narcissist Boy

In my family room there is a large mahogany armoire with bevelled mirrors on the doors. This was a gift from my father in law to us a few Christmas' ago. In it's found condition (on the side of the road) it had many coats of green paint and was damaged. He took it and refinished/refurbished it for us. It is now one of the centerpieces of our home.

It is also the favored piece of furniture of the Youngest. The boy has a great imagination and his twin (one good lookin' guy) lives in the mirrors. He speaks twin speak to him and they have a great time dancing together.

Narcissist Boy

You'll notice in the pic that there is also a little tykes play cube w/ slide in the family room. He loves this thing and with being stuck so much inside with the cold weather, we brought it in. He will also stand on it in front of the mirrors and try out poses with his favorite phrases too.

It looks like I've got an inner ear problem. I've been having bouts of dizziness. It's kinda like getting a really good buzz, but without all the fun parts. I'm on antibiotics and have 8 days left. Hopefully these will fix the problem and I won't have to go back to the doctor. Meanwhile, the lace is being repaired very slowly. This sickness has really thrown me off. Knitting is not getting done, but neither is clothes mountain being climbed nor dish mountain. I have managed to make a meal or two and chase the Youngest around, but that's about it. Somebody pray for me. please?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Stupid freakin' cold meds.

I'm going to blame it on the cold in my head and the medications to cure the symptoms of said cold.

The last few days have been a total blur for me. Everyone else had a weekend. I had fog. Even when the cold remedies wore off I was still in a fog. I still persevered with the lace work on the Bella Paquita. And let me tell you, it was agonizingly slow lace work. I shouldn't have even bothered really, but I have someplace to be on Feb. 16th and I want to wear this thing when I go.

I was so proud, I had finished all the lace work despite the cold. Heh. yeah, right.

Once I sobered up, I took another look at the pretty lace. And, well, it's not so pretty. Tonight I get to rip back two repeats to fix the very noticeable hole in that lace. A d*mn twist is missing and I don't have a clue how it happened since I don't remember much of the past few days anyway. Wanna see it?

Stupid freakin' cold meds.