Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Narcissist Boy

In my family room there is a large mahogany armoire with bevelled mirrors on the doors. This was a gift from my father in law to us a few Christmas' ago. In it's found condition (on the side of the road) it had many coats of green paint and was damaged. He took it and refinished/refurbished it for us. It is now one of the centerpieces of our home.

It is also the favored piece of furniture of the Youngest. The boy has a great imagination and his twin (one good lookin' guy) lives in the mirrors. He speaks twin speak to him and they have a great time dancing together.

Narcissist Boy

You'll notice in the pic that there is also a little tykes play cube w/ slide in the family room. He loves this thing and with being stuck so much inside with the cold weather, we brought it in. He will also stand on it in front of the mirrors and try out poses with his favorite phrases too.

It looks like I've got an inner ear problem. I've been having bouts of dizziness. It's kinda like getting a really good buzz, but without all the fun parts. I'm on antibiotics and have 8 days left. Hopefully these will fix the problem and I won't have to go back to the doctor. Meanwhile, the lace is being repaired very slowly. This sickness has really thrown me off. Knitting is not getting done, but neither is clothes mountain being climbed nor dish mountain. I have managed to make a meal or two and chase the Youngest around, but that's about it. Somebody pray for me. please?


  1. Awww....I'm sorry you're feeling bad and an ear infection at that. Those darn things can be so painful.
    Love that little fella...don't blame him a bit for wanting to look at himself. He's too cute.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I hope you feel better soon! Your son is just such a cutie!