Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

You guys wanna win something cool?  Angie over at Home Grown is turning Friday the 13th into a good luck day and is giving away a really nice food dehydrator.  You can enter to win here:

Contest ends November 13th and every comment left on her blog until then becomes an entry to win. 

Good luck!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of 4th Grade for The Eldest:

1st day of 4th grade

This is his Bus Stop Buddy, Cammie the Camouflage Cat:

Camouflage Kitty

The Youngest got left behind.  His school doesn't start for another couple of weeks, so I took him shopping.  Guess what he spent his allowance money on? 

Daisy Duck Love

He's such a Daisy Duck freak.   It totally cracks me up.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knitting and Dogs

There are two things that I habitually photograph that never show up well on camera, my dog and my knitting.   I really do want a photography for knitters class to show up on my doorstep.  It would have interesting and fun poses for the knitting project (cause the projects quite often are bored with just being laid out on my back deck) as well as a camera 101 session for the knitter.  But alas, until that time I'm going to have to settle for this:


My back deck gets much better lighting than any place inside my house and at least the wood is a nice contrast against the green and browns in this yarn.  Here's a closeup so that you can see the yarn a little better:


The color of my Chinese Crested Powderpuff is a mixture of brown and black and my camera has a difficult time focusing on her (maybe I need to put her out on the back deck as well), but I finally got a fun shot of her for you:


I called in The Eldest to show him the pic of Roxie and the only thing he said was:  "She's picking her nose!"  :sigh: 

I've been giving her a "puppy cut" lately.  She looks so beautiful when her hair is long and her face is shaved the way it would be if we were showing her at a dog show, but this is one high maintenance dog so I'm going to have to settle for just cute. 

Her hair is very fine and is very much like a human's.  It has to be washed at a minimum of once a week and has to be brushed daily or it mats all up and she gets terrible dreadlocks.  I don't have the time or patience for that and I don't have the money to get her professionally groomed ($55 a pop where I live) so I went out and bought some shears and learned how to give her a haircut.  I now do three haircuts around here: 2 boys and 1 dog on a regular basis.  Now if I could only start charging them for it...

Monday, August 09, 2010

Adventures On Craigslist

I'm a big Craigslist junkie.  I'm always trying to barter stuff.  I don't always get a lot of takers, especially since most of what I have to offer is girl stuff, but it's still fun.  A couple of weeks ago I sold a full bed at a yard sale.  The person didn't want the box springs, so I finally got around to putting it up for free on craigslist last night.  My husband swore up and down that nobody would be interested and he'd be stuck having to take it to the landfill.  Well, I do so love to say "I told you so" and today I got the opportunity.  I had over ten people begging for it!  Yay!  It's out of my garage! 

Being well motivated after that, I got back on Craigslist and I have to share this one article that I found cause it totally cracked me up.  Even the website that it points to is amusing:

Wanted: Six Missing Velociraptors in the North Hall area - $5150 (Gainesville)

Date: 2010-08-09, 1:54PM EDT
Reply to:

Here is the deal: I run an unlicensed dinosaur cloning operation in an abandoned chicken house off Price Road. Yesterday, several of my Velociraptors broke out of their cage and are now running loose in the North Hall area. As I was tracking them last night, I found pieces of a cow near Short Rd. I assume this is their most recent location.

I need help recapturing these raptors before they lay eggs and infest our fair city.

If you can kick butt with the bo staff and nunchucks, have an assault shotgun and an awesome hat and do not fear death, please e-mail me immediately. I will pay $5,150 for each raptor safely returned to my laboratory/chicken house.

If you make contact with any of these fearsome creatures, DONT PANIC. This resource will give you better chances of living another day:

This should all be over soon.

-Jonas Rapier