Thursday, March 29, 2007

WIPs, Pineapples and partners in crime

Here's my Snakes and Ladders WIP. Doesn't look like much yet, but it's coming along. I love the way the yarn is showing off the pattern. It's not nearly as day-glo-wy in person, much more muted. Gotta love dem digital cameras.

A couple of days ago, I was jonesing for some pineapple upside down cake. I got out the mix, the can of pineapple and the cookbook and then let it sit on the counter for a few days to stew in its own non-existent juices. Well, I finally decided that today was the day. The day I would conquer this cake. And here it is in all its glory. Hopefully I won't poison anyone. My eldest will be safe though. You can't get him to touch sweets, except for the occasional piece of chocolate. He's so weird.Now his brother on the other hand, makes a fine partner in crime. I know he'll be glad to help us get rid of this masterpiece.

They're so cute when they're asleep, aren't they?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slow going around here. Nothing seems to be going my way.

Started my new knitting project, about 6 times. After the 5th time of frogging the single ply, lace-weight rayon yarn, I chunked it. Not the pattern, just switched to a new yarn. I'm working on the Snakes and Ladders Stole from Katie Knits. I'll go back to the original yarn after I've got a little more lace experience under my belt. maybe. So, on to a different set of needles and yarn!

I'm also a bit disappointed in the way my ebay store is going. Granted, I only have a few items as of yet up there and none are hand-crafted, but why is no-one going for my stuff already? I mean, one of these items is from Pottery Barn Kids. Who doesn't like their stuff? I'm actually asking a reasonable price for my items and not charging handling fees. I'd love some advice if anyone has any.

An occasional hello, shout-out or comment or two from some folks visiting here would be greatly appreciated as well! I'm feeling lonely in blogland! :)

Get the camera out of my face and my sunbeam. Like now or else.

See how I'm treated around here? Sunbeams and Blue's Clues (with the original Steve) are so much more important than Mom.

By the way, I got the part that I wanted in the Broadway show and it was great! I loved every second of it.