Thursday, February 19, 2009


Can you say "Ta-Da!" when the project isn't exactly together?

I've finished knitting the pieces and sewing in most of the loose ends. It's blocking right now under a heater vent and next to a dehumidifier, so I expect it to be dry fairly quickly.

I figure that I'll have five hours in the car in which to sew the sleeves and set them in. No problem, as long as the kids are somewhat behaving anyway.

I did find out while setting it out to be blocked that my row gauge was a bit off. The sleeves are about an inch too long. I'll either have to adjust it as I set the sleeves in and hem or I'll just have extra long sleeves to pull over my cold hands and fingers. Either way, it'll work out fine. I'm an optimistic soul, can ya tell?

So, Ta-Da!, sort of anyway. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Last night, once the sick kiddos were abed and despite feeling like dog dirt myself, I managed to burn some midnight oil. I finished the hood of the Rogue Pullover and all of the cable section of one sleeve.

Today, after cleaning up vomit four times and bathing the Youngest as a consequence, I was allowed to sit back down to my knitting again.

This is the result:

The pic might be a bit blurry, but it is proof that the first sleeve is now complete!

I'm planning on slurping the Dayquil and knitting the night away if I have to. I'm bound and determined to finish this sweater before I leave to go out of town on Friday. That means I have to start and complete the rest of the sleeve today. My fingers might just fall off from the exercise they're going to be getting.

The pattern says to block the pieces before I put them together, but I may wait until the whole thing is finished instead due to time constraints. We'll see what I get done today.

I'm quite proud of what I've gotten done so far in such a short amount of time. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll get the rest done in time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rogue Sit-Rep

It started a few days ago with The Eldest. Then yesterday it was The Youngest. And today, it's me. We're falling like flies around here again. I'm on my last few days of antibiotics and dang if the kids didn't infect me with a cold virus. My throat's all scratchy again and I'm feeling achy.

At least this time I won't need my singing voice, that's a blessing. But the bad thing is, the kids and I are going out of town for the weekend to South Carolina. Go ahead and ask me how much I'm looking forward to being stuck in a car with an immature three year old boy with a cold for five hours. Go ahead, ask away. But I'm warning you, the answer probably won't be a positive one.

On to the knitting sit-rep: (that's a situation report for those not in the know)

I've gotten to the section where I need to graft the hood together. (If the kids will stop arguing for five minutes, I might get that finished tonight. I hate holidays and mid-winter breaks, I really do. Why can't we have year around school here? Or better yet, a year around public military boarding school? That way it'd be free.)

Here's the pic:

Somehow I'm thinking this won't get done by my Friday deadline. Still have to graft the together the hood and do the sleeves. ack. Of course I still have five hours of drive time, but then it won't get blocked in time to wear it. Oh well. I'll push on and hope for the best. Wish me luck!