Saturday, June 30, 2007

swatches and puppy

I've been somewhat busy the past few days. I finished one sock, I'll have pics in another installment. The sock knitting mojo is pretty low at the moment. I'm going to cast on another project tonight to keep the boredom at bay. For now, here's a swatch I did last night:

Excitin' huh? This is the beautiful bamboo ordered from discontinued yarns. The color is cobalt. I'm going to start Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset. It took me two swatches to finally get gauge on this one. Looks like I'm going to be using a size seven needle for this one. It took me a while to do these two swatches cause I had a little help from my Mom's new toy that I'm baby sitting for the next few days:

What is it with animals and this beanbag?

Isn't she cute? Minnie Pearl is a 10 week old Westie. I'm not sure how the Eldest is going to cope when she leaves. He's smitten. This is the most excitement this household has seen for some time. She's gotten all our animals (2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 porch kitty) racing around in circles. Tiger's not real thrilled with her stealing his beanbag bed.
absolutely smitten

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flash! Eldest tries to kill Mom!

Eldest tried to kill me and send me to the poor house today. You see, I live a very sedentary and poor existence and while I'm not quite happy with the poor side, I'm very content to be sedentary. Eldest earned a free ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia through a fundraiser that he did for school.

This free ticket cost me approximately $75.00 d0llars! First there was the $15 parking fee. Then my $37.00 ticket. $15.00 lunch for two. $3.50 for a bottled water. and last but not least, the $4.27 souvenir.

Today was also excruciatingly hot. 101 degrees folks with mega humidity. miserable with tons of walking. Until he got me on the water rides where I got drenched and he managed to get pleasantly damp. My undies were still wet 5 hours later! I also wore jean shorts that chaffed all sorts of things they shouldn't have.

So, miserable heat, tons of walking, lots of money spent. Oh! and don't forget the life story that this perfect stranger, a homely older guy, decided to gift me with while we were stuck in line with him for almost an hour waiting on a ride. I learned that he had had a stroke in February, was here to take his two boys on a vacation, the two boys were from his first marriage which lasted 18 years until she left him, but he just got remarried in April cause he thought he'd try it again and oh, he's going to be taking his wife to the hospital tomorrow to have a 8cm kidney stone removed. I kid you not and I've actually done you a favor by omitting a small portion.

Now. I ask you, would you tell your life story to some stranger standing in line with you? And do you think that that stranger would possibly care about your life story? I've got no problem with small chit chat, but I'm thinkin' the "where you folks from and how old are your kids?" questions should be the extent of all the knowledge imparted at an amusement park waiting line, don't you?