Saturday, June 30, 2007

swatches and puppy

I've been somewhat busy the past few days. I finished one sock, I'll have pics in another installment. The sock knitting mojo is pretty low at the moment. I'm going to cast on another project tonight to keep the boredom at bay. For now, here's a swatch I did last night:

Excitin' huh? This is the beautiful bamboo ordered from discontinued yarns. The color is cobalt. I'm going to start Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset. It took me two swatches to finally get gauge on this one. Looks like I'm going to be using a size seven needle for this one. It took me a while to do these two swatches cause I had a little help from my Mom's new toy that I'm baby sitting for the next few days:

What is it with animals and this beanbag?

Isn't she cute? Minnie Pearl is a 10 week old Westie. I'm not sure how the Eldest is going to cope when she leaves. He's smitten. This is the most excitement this household has seen for some time. She's gotten all our animals (2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 porch kitty) racing around in circles. Tiger's not real thrilled with her stealing his beanbag bed.
absolutely smitten
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