Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sock update and what I found in the puppy kennel

Sock Update: This may be TMI for the un-knitterly folk out there, but this is also my working notes. If I don't write it down somewhere, I'll never get a second sock like this one.

I told you I had the first one finished and here it is. It's a hybrid of sorts. I did the magic cast on for the toe. Sounds fancy doesn't it? The circumference of the sock started at 30 stitches. I, however, have an incredibly narrow skinny foot. So, after the toe was complete, I did 6 rows of 30 then decreased to 28 sts. This actually worked pretty well.

I did plain stockinette on the body of the sock then did a short row heel. See, here's the problem with being a self-taught combo knitter, there's no-one to consult when you get stuck. Short rows and I currently do not get along. I wish, desperately, that I had someone to show me the proper way to wrap these. I really need to find a sock knitting class somewhere. These turned out okay, just not exactly good. Maybe I'll catch on when I get to the second sock. I was pretty disgusted with the heel thing so by the time I got to the top of the foot I gave out of steam and turned them into ankle socks with a 2x2 rib.

One lesson learned with these: when the directions say you may want to pick up an extra stitch when working the heel, do it! I have a lovely little hole on either side of the ankle that I now get to go back and sew up. great. just great.

Love the colors in this yarn!

In an effort to avoid the other sock, here's the progress on my Annie Modesitt Silk Corset - 'cept it's gonna be bamboo. I'm sure that sooner or later this will drive me back to the other sock. I can only take patterns for so long before I go nuts. Of course, that also goes for short row heels. This bamboo is really pretty. It's got a nice low key sheen to it.
Photographs nicely on the side of the grill doesn't it?

You turn your back for two seconds and an 18 month old disappears. That's it, that's all it takes and God help you if he gets quiet about it. So, I heard the silence and went looking (rushing) for him. Couldn't find him the first go-around the house, so I went again. Remember that we are puppy-sitting for a few days?

Look what I found in the puppy kennel today!


  1. LOL! My little boy (21mths) always climbs in the dog crates, too. Maybe baby boys should be crate trained? :D

    Regarding the wraping, I always wrap from the back of the fabric to the front. That's when you're on the knit side of the short rows, or on the purl rows. err...and the purl bumps are the back side of the fabric. It works for me, hope it helps!

  2. When I get back to the sock I'll try it. Thanks!