Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

So far it's been a good Friday for me. 

I went fishing this morning at Lake Wedowee, AL where my folks live.  Wanna know what I caught? 

1.  One Pontoon Boat - Line got snagged on it.

2.  One Stick

3.  One rope that my lure got hooked on

4.  One fish, a Brim, about the size of my hand.

Overall, not great luck fishing, but it was quiet, cool and there were no kids arguing constantly in the background - I left them at home.

I did however, win 47 Swagbucks today on my first search of the day.  Today truly is Mega Swagbuck Friday!   I'm about a quarter of the way towards getting my Ipod Touch that I'll be buying with my Amazon gift cards that I'm earning through Swagbucks.  Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flea Market

We got up really early this morning to go to a nearby flea market.  The locals all get there at around 5:30 am (rural Alabama time) and carry flashlights until it's light enough to see.  We didn't make it there that early though.  Sleep was more fun at that hour.

My city boys were very excited about the whole thing.  They got to pet lots of puppies that were for sale and they got to pet some chickens!  The old guy selling the chickens took out a young teenager type chicken and showed the boys how to put one to sleep.  It was very funny.  He held it and rubbed its head and it was like magic watching the chicken go to sleep.  We used to put baby rabbits to sleep when I was little at my Grandparents house (they raised them for food.)  My brother and I would get a baby rabbit each, flip them on their backs and pet them and out they'd go.  So cute. 

Next up on our outing, the boys got some snow cones.  Oh boy!  They both agreed the trip was definitely worth getting up early for.   It's funny.  What I grew up around and find commonplace, they find fascinating.  Definitely city kids. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Uncovering The Stairs

On Friday afternoon I started pulling up the carpet on my stairs.  The first four stairs are done, nine more to go.  My husband complained about how slow I was in uncovering the stairs.  "Why don't you just rip them all out at once?" he asked.

Well, it's because of all the little feet in this house that use those stairs.  The boys need to get to their bedroom and playroom and there are cats that travel those stairs as well.  Of course, it'd only be justice served if the cats stepped on something sharp since it's their fault that I'm have to do the stair renovation anyway.

When I ripped up the carpet on each stair, I found a bazillion staples besides the strip of carpet tacks.  The strip came up easily, the staples?  Not so much.  I had to pull those bad boys out one by one.  Once every thing was off the step I lightly sanded down any rough spots, vacuumed the mess up and started on the next stair.  I'd say that it took about an hours worth of work to get one stair completely uncovered and cleaned.

I now have a big blister on the juicy part of my right hand.  Thank God I was wearing work gloves or there's no telling where else I'd have blisters. 

But it's all been so worth it.  Just look at the wood underneath the carpet:


From what I've been able to see, it looks like the whole staircase looks like this.  With such beautiful wood there, why would anyone want to cover it all up?  Now it's on to the next one!

By the way, posting may be spotty to non existent this week.  The boys and I are headed off to the lake again.  School starts in about two weeks here and we're trying to fit in as much swimming time as possible.  See ya!