Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kitty Bulimia

Have I told you about my kitty, Widget, that suffers from Bulimia? I think she's worried about her weight. Seriously. She rushes to the kitty bowl, eats like there's no tomorrow (daintiness be damned) and will then purge for all she's worth. Not immediately of course. She waits 'til we're not looking then finds interesting places for her, ahem, purging.

My hubby's favorite place for her to purge is the dog's water bowl. He sounds like a sailor everytime it happens. This is not a bowl per say, it's one of those bowls that has a giant bottle that looks like it belongs on the water cooler at work. So, it ain't easy to clean.

One of the others is our taupe colored carpet. She purges, then let's it lie in wait til it's allover cold and squishy. She then finds a good vantage point and waits til the stupid humans step in it in their bare feet. Yecch!

Well, a girl's gotta look after her figure somehow. Did I tell you she also likes practical jokes?

Don't look now, but your toe's an inch away from my latest joke.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Ok. Time crunch is beginning. I've got two major deadlines coming and haven't really done much to get everything going. That's okay though, I work better under major stress. really.

Deadline 1: A uniform consignment sale at my eldest's school. I am heading this thing up and so far have no helpers and very few participants. Not really thrilled about this one. This happens May 24th.

Deadline 2: I am directing another Drama Camp this summer. This one is very intensive. The kids get a full on crash course in musical theater. They learn about building sets, making props, costumes, choreography, scripts, solos, etc. In approximately 15 hours they do all this and then show their parents and invited guests what they've learned by putting on the play. It's a dinner theater is well, so they get to learn about starving while their patrons eat and watch. This will be my third time direction one of these camps. It's very rewarding. I've had several of my students go on to community theater and school plays. I can tell you now I will be absolutely wiped out at the end of the week. This will be June 4-8.

Have I done much for the camp? um. not really. I've partiallly designed the set that we will make out of insulation that goes on houses. I've bought tshirts for them to tie dye for costumes. That's about it. My stomach is in knots.

I've decided to accept the tiny "villager" part in the summer broadway show. Still supremely miffed about it, but am attempting to get over it.

For your amusement, here's a pic of me in a past broadway show: Suessical. If you ever get a chance to see this done by a reputable theater troupe - Go see it! It's more skewed for adults and is absolutely hysterical! See that pink door there? My beehive wig hit it every single time I went through it. Foot high hair and small doors are not a good combination.

ooooh! Beehive hair! orange legs!

Still working on the stole. Will have an update soon when there is significant change to photograph.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day and cat beds

Happy Mother's Day!

Mine's been great. I got to sleep late (always a huge plus), at least til 8:30. The main reason? The baby slept til 8:30, which never, ever happens. Then we went to the in-laws and had a fantabulous dinner; filet mignon, basil grape tomatoes, creamed spinach, twice baked potatoes and to top it off was the most wonderful cheesecake I've ever had in my life. I was bad and had two huge pieces of the cheesecake and I'll be paying for that for the next month.

I finished the silly socks! Yeah! I also got in some time with the stole. I have until June 22nd (my mom's bday) to get that done.

Silly socks on the Silly boy's feet.

I know that most people have fancy cat tents or home-made cat beds, but really, why have those when you can have something that is obnoxious, doesn't match any other furniture, and takes up a quarter of the living room floor?