Monday, November 06, 2006

two simple rants

Today, I want to express my dissatisfaction with two simple rants.

First, Why the hell does Wal-Mart and Sam's Club have the idiots working the door check your grocery cart purchases as you are leaving? Is it truly productive to have said idiots to barely glance at your receipt, then barely glance at your cart, then mark the receipt with a highlighter? Do the companies really expect to catch someone stealing? How? Everything is bagged or boxed up and buried under all the other bags/boxes. I can understand having the people at the door to mark returns. That actually makes sense, but not to check your cart as you leave. Treating people as criminals as they leave from purchasing stuff at your store is really a slap in the face to your customers.

This leads me to my second rant. This one about the Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act. WTF was Congress thinking? This is not going to slow down the meth makers and dealers for one second. It is however, going to punish me and other law abiding citizens like me. I am now in a national database (which is scary in itself) and I am allowed to only buy a certain amount at a time. This is a huge inconvience and waiting in line to get my Claritin-D is a waste of time. I can't tell you how aggrevated I am by this. I have to buy for two people at a time, me and my husband, since I am the one that does all the shopping while he works. Now in order for us to both get the amount of medication that we need, we have to tag-team purchase the Claritin-D and he has to go out of his way for it. Also, if my two children have colds and I want to get effective medication for them, it is possible that I won't be able to get this due to my purchasing of the allergy medication due to it having the same ingredients. The meth. makers/dealers can make meth out of other things, not just the main ingredient in Claritin-D and Sudafed. Why are we being punished?

Well, I don't feel better, but it's now off my chest. I hope the idiots at Wal-Mart and the idiots in Washington D.C. read this.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

face recognition software

Found a great site called My Heritage that has face recognition software. You upload a picture and they tell you who you most look like. I did this with a photo of my mom and these were the results:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

While cruising around the craftster website, I found a great jewelry artist who has some fantastic stuff. I've already ordered two of her necklaces and my order more for Christmas gifts. I like the long bead ones. This chick is way talented and for the amount of time and effort she has to put into making these lovely pieces of glass, her prices are fairly reasonable.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Birthday Party Madness

Well, we survived my older son's 6th birthday party. It was pretty awesome actually. We went with a Rocket Ship theme. Most of the party was held in the backyard due to the activities. We had water bottle rockets, foot launched rockets and the galaxy foam gliders from Oriental Trading.

I made a Space Ship Cake from also. One thing that I would recommend to all those folks who decide to make this and use real sparklers instead of sparkler candles is to light them outside. I managed to fill our house with smoke and our guests thought I was slightly crazy, but it made a cool looking cake!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Socks and Bags

Yeah! My first knitting project is complete! Not bad for a beginner huh? Although the cuffs make my ankles look huge in the picture, it's not so bad in person. I got the pattern from Bev's Really Quick Knit Socks
Sooner or later I will try making socks with dpns or circular needles, but for now I'm just too chicken. I am trying to make my brother's upcoming new son a baby blanket, but will have to post on that later.
I also managed to finish a new purse a few weekends ago. The embroidery was so cute with the fabrics that I picked out for it. It's now in someone else's hands, but I wish I could have kept it.

Sunday, January 08, 2006