Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Elementary My Dear Watson

This Pic cracks me up. Today at school was "dress up like a book character day." So while most of the boys (8 of them to be exact) dressed like Harry Potter, the Eldest decided to be different and dress up as Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He would have been Sherlock if we could have found the right had, but this was the best we could do. The teachers loved it, but the kids were clueless. What elementary kid (besides mine) even knows who Sherlock Holmes is?

He wore a jacket of his Dad's that was long enough to be a trench coat on him. We just added a mustache, pipe and hat. He said that none of the other kids "had as much detail with their costumes" as he did. Notice we had to roll up the sleeves a couple of hundred times to get the coat to fit.

I'm glad that he's game to try and be different from the other kids. That will serve him well later on in life.
It's elementary my Dear Watson!

Oh, and thanks for the correction about my last post Lizzie! I didn't know that about Xmas.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CHRISTMAS and the politically correct jerks

This article ,others like it, and commercials on television from the past couple of years really twists my knickers. I'm sick to death of the politically correct crap surrounding CHRISTMAS. Must we all apologize for calling the holiday what it is? It's CHRISTMAS folks. That's right, not Xmas, but CHRISTMAS. Yep, got to have the CHRIST in it to be CHRISTMAS. The holiday contains CHRISTMAS trees, not holiday trees.

Do you hear the Jewish people apologizing for Hanukkah? I don't think so, and I don't think that Christians should apologize for saying the word or celebrating the holiday of CHRISTMAS either.

The politically correct crowd are so scared of offending the athiests and the agnostics that now they are avoiding all references to the word Christmas. This is not just a "holiday" where we spend money on lavish gifts for loved ones (and money on white elephant gifts for everyone else.) This is a religious holiday. It's our Lord and Savior's holiday. It is offensive to us Christians that our holiday is now treated as a pariah holiday.

Do you think the Jewish would put up with this? What of the African Americans and the completely fabricated holiday of Kwanzaa (before you get upset, check the website - it even says "Dr. Maulana Karenga, the creator of kwanzaa")?

So why are the Christians being bashed? More importantly, why are the Christians allowing it? Every corporation is now tip-toeing around the word CHRISTMAS. Again, must we all apologize for calling the holiday what it is? I refuse to set aside my religion and my love of CHRIST to make the politically correct jerks happy. I'm absolutely and completely offended at the direction that society is taking on things like this.

But that's just my 2 cents on the subject. If this offends, well too bad. After all, didn't I say that I wasn't going to apologize?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

football, knitting, cats and desk lamps

Wanna see how great I am with a digital camera that has a major delay between when you push the button and it actually takes a picture? Sunday was the Eldest's last football game of the year. He had the ball, was hauling major a$$ down the field followed by a whole crowd of the opposing team. I clicked the button and what did I get? A foot, a hand and the football peaking out from behind one of the coaches. Great.
My son's in there somewhere.

What else was I doing during the game? Well, it wasn't knitting that's for sure. Keeping the Youngest from charging out onto the field took four arms and four legs. His Dad and I had our hands full during the whole game. I swear he needs a Nanny Octopus to keep him under control. It really is wrestling with a wild monkey folks. Notice the look he's giving his Dad for holding the back of his shirt.

I don't know who you think you're messing with bub, but if you think holding my shirt's gonna stop me, you've got another think coming!

As far as the cardigan goes, I got the back finished and am a little over halfway done with the right front. Here's the current piece being modeled by Widget the Supervisor doing one of her quality inspection checks:

She says "Knitting's fine, but the desk lamp could be a little warmer."

Check out the color of the knitting and the color of the eyes.

Perfect match!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Hi guys!

LotusKnits is running a contest over on her blog. She's giving away something "semi-solid". I hope it's just yarn. Having been around kids and one bulimic cat, the term semi-solid has taken on a whole new meaning. :) ETA- forgot to mention - If you do enter, tell her where you saw the contest mentioned. thanx!

You can find her contest and several others over here at WiKnit, a new blog for knitting contests. I plan on stopping there frequently. I love free stuff! Next to sale, free is my favorite word! (I also like exclamation points, can ya tell?)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sat. evening knitting and other misc. stuff

I'm so bummed. My alma mater let me down last night. They just didn't bring their game to Athens last night. However, I got tons of knitting done. I've almost completed the back to the Minimalist Cardigan. Yesterday when I picked this up, I had only about a third of what you see here accomplished. This is very speedy knitting for me. Of course with the game taking twice as long as it should have due to all the flags the refs had flying everywhere, there was lots of time to put into my project.

Back almost finished!

Here's an interesting link, but I have to wonder what the artist could possibly have been thinking. Why? Why would someone build a city with eggs? I'm all for crafting and art, but mine is a little more practical. I don't usually (notice the caveat?) make something just to say that I did it.

On the nanowrimo novel front - it's a no go for right now. I'm still writing, but not to the extent that they expect. There's a little too much going on in my life to put that much time into it. By the time the kids are in bed in the evening, I want to relax and unwind, not beat my head against my monitor because I can't come up with 1667 words a day. That takes the enjoyment right out of writing for me. maybe later.