Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to sqare one.

Would you like to see the progress of the corset I've been knitting? Would you really? Well, how's this for excitement?
back to square (circle?) one.

Yep. It's been rrrriipppped! I knew that some small mistakes had been made in the corset, and I was willing to let those go. But, stupid me took the project out of the home at a very poor time. The pattern required a lot more attention than it received at eldest's basketball camp. I made a whopper of a mistake. It was actually a good thing in the long run. I took it off the needles and tried it on to see if the size that I was knitting was a good one and decided that I wanted to go up a size anyway. I'm not that comfortable with a sweater that is that tight anyway. Better to find this out now, halfway through than when I finally get the whole thing done. So, we're considering this a test run for the pattern. I think that Annie Modesitt, the author of this pattern is an absolute knitting goddess and I'm amazed that someone could just come up with something so beautiful just out of the blue. However, that being said, I do wish that she would "dumb down" or explain the pattern better, just a bit more. Now that I've been almost the entire way through the pattern, I understand it. mostly. Granted, I bit off more than I could chew on this one perhaps. I'm still very young in knitting years, right around advanced beginner or so. But, by golly I'm going to do this one or bust!

I got a little smarter tonight at the bball camp.

Look! a toe-pocket!

It's much easier to work on a plain old stockinette stitch sock than a lacy sweater when there's the chance of getting hit in the head with a basketball that's in the control of a bunch of six year olds . Won't make that mistake again. promise.
At least this is helping me get past the second sock syndrome on this last of the pair of socks in the Spruce yarn.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Found something interesting today. Did you know there is a site called the fantasy blog stock market? I had no idea that this even existed. You can check here to see where my lil' ol' blog is on their site. There were people who were actually voting to see what kind of blog this is. Some of the entries were for female, knitting, fiber arts, crafts and photoblogs (no photo today, sorry).

Please be aware that I am not promoting their site or trying to persuade you from going to their site, I was just surprised to find my blog on it. I'm aware that little search spiders put me there, but still. Why on earth would someone be interested in trading fantasy shares of my blog for heavens sake? Strange.

I was reading in a forum where people were listing the strange things that led people to their site (which is how I came across the above stuff). So, out of curiosity, I had to check mine. There was
"hair care disasters"
"dyed pink haired westie" - why would someone want to dye their westie's hair pink? Unless, of course, they gave it a mohawk first and dyed that hot pink, then maybe I could see that one.

and my two favorites:
"Shea recipes" - didn't know you needed a recipe to get one of me! :) and
"change Shea scent recipe" - what's wrong with the way I smell? Don't answer that one, please.