Friday, February 08, 2008


I've got some serious cast-on-itis going on here. The problem is that I've been knitting like crazy lately and now I'm getting all fidgety without a really good project to work on.

I thought that a pair of socks with some Noro sock yarn would help. My MIL had asked for some socks a long time ago so I started on one. Nah. It's not helping. Been there and done that and it's just not doing it for me. It'll get done, I'm just not burning to get a pair of socks done.

I started a dishcloth. Again, not doing it. I'll probably save it for car pool time when I'm waiting for the Eldest to get out of school. It will be perfect for that time.

I've been waiting for some needles from KnitPicks to come in so I can work on a hat that I've been itchin' to do. The poor postman thinks I'm stalking him. I could start that project without the one needle that I'm waiting on, but I'd just have to put it down again when I get to the part where I need it.

I also ordered some Wool of the Andes yarn from KnitPicks in a beautiful brown/red color called iron ore. I'm going to use it for the Zara Cabled Pullover designed by Cornelia Hamilton. So, I'm waiting there too and I'm dying to start it now!

Something that is not helping is the yarn that I won from Adrienne at Knitting in the Bellybutton of California on her blog contest. It was a secret until I opened it up:
Opal Sock Yarn! Thanks Adrienne!
Opal sock yarn with the cutest little card. And she said my son (the Youngest) was cute - I happen to agree, but I'm biased. Now the Hubby has decided that he needs socks from this. *sigh*

I've got another shawl project that I might start. It will be a quick one. This one might be good for while I'm waiting for those damn needles. Stupid postal service.

***I forgot to mention in the last post, you know, the one where the Youngest has been crude and crass without really trying with his vocabulary? Yeah, I forgot to tell you that he can't pronounce his brother's name and calls him Doo-Doo. But he does it lovingly at least!***

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Youngest's Vocabulary Translation

The Youngest has his own vocabulary and sometimes it's necessary (nay, vital) to have a handy translation at your fingertips, especially when he's screaming at the top of his lungs in public and you find it essential that you tell perfect strangers what he's really meaning 'cause it sounds crude and vulgar and crass. You must also be able to translate this while your face is bright red and you want to dive under the nearest handy object. This is also why I have turned into a hermit and do not take him out in public if I can help it.


He screams "Poo!" or "Oh Poo!"
He really means "Winnie the Pooh"

He screams "Doo!"
He really means "Scooby Doo"

He screams "Poo Poo!"
He really means "Little People"

He screams "Potty!"
He really means "The mailbox from Blues Clues" (don't ask me why he associates the word potty with mailbox cause I still haven't figured it out.)

He's a little too addicted to his favorite movies. Can ya tell?

When Markers Attack

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bella Paquita - Finished!

I finished the Bella Paquita Sweater today! Not exactly sure how I like the fit. It's a little too tight across the stomach, gonna need a tummy slimmer for this one. And I think I need a boob job to successfully fill out the top. Maybe stuffing with tissue would help? :)

Here's some pics of it in it's unblocked state:

Now I've got a whole new problem: What to start on next?

Many thanks to the 7 year old photographer!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bella Paquita Steeks Complete!

It's. Done. I've cut the steeks. My first steeks. I'm sorta proud. Who knew I'd be able to take a pair of really sharp scissors and just start choppin' through hours of work? I think I may go throw up now.

The remnants

So this is what it looks like now. I moved the steeks from the shoulders to the back because I could never get them to lay right on my shoulders. This was much simpler. I also figured that if I really screwed it up, my long hair would cover part of it anyway. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it.

Back part of neck on Bella Paquita

Now I have to finish the last inch or so at the bottom of the sweater and it'll be finished. I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am to have gotten past this part of the sweater. I've been agonizing over it.

Margaritas anyone?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Things/ Bad Things

One Good Thing:

My knitting library is growing. This came in the mail today:

One not so good:

Steeking. Need I really say more?

I'm working on the shoulder part on Bella Paquita. The part where the lace doesn't lay right because there's too much of it. So, you have to put in a dart on each shoulder and cut off the excess fabric. That part gives me hives. And it's not working so well either. I'm having a lot of trouble with it. It's making the shoulder pointy. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It looks like the sweater was put up on a hanger and left for a while and now has a bump in it.

I'm not going to cut anything until I'm sure it's right. So far, I've pulled out the sewing stitches twice and will probably do it a few times more. It's just me and a mirror. I don't have anyone to help with this.

I'm all game for advice! Please! (This is a small cry for help if you haven't noticed.)

EDIT: I moved the steeks to the back of the sweater. They've been sewn, but not yet cut. I think I need to build my steeking mojo a bit. Maybe with a Margarita....