Friday, May 30, 2008

Off to Florida

Well, The Eldest and I are off this afternoon to go watch the Space Shuttle explode launch in Florida tomorrow. He still doesn't know where we're going, just that we're going on a long trip. He's going to be so excited!

Keep your fingers crossed that the launch goes as planned, especially for those dudes on the Space Station that don't have a potty right now. How awful is that? It's not like they can step outside into the woods to do their business you know. How ever are they managing? :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank God for Moms and Sewing Machines!

My Mom is a genius. Yep, a damn genius.

I had a problem with Soleil, a big one. I followed the pattern to a T. Um, that will be the last time that I do that, blindly following a pattern I mean. I'm going to have to break down and do the mathy stuff every time I do a sweater. Why? What went wrong, you ask?

It was about a 1/2 inch too big on both sides. I refused to rip it out and start over cause I want to wear it this weekend. So what did I do? Steeked.

This freaked me out a little because of the cotton/acrylic that I used instead of wool. Wool would at least grab onto itself. Not sure what will happen in the long run with the cotton. It could all turn into little tiny bits of purple cotton fluff tomorrow.

I ran a seam 1/2 inch down both sides to basically take out every m1 increase that I had made in the pattern. It was still bunching up under the arms though and I could not for the life of me figure out why. I called Mom to vent and lo and behold, she had the answer. Bust Darts! Perfect!

I didn't tell you that all the while in the above paragraphs that I had been putting on and taking off this sweater about a hundred times to pin, sew and check fit and redo what needed redoing. Same thing went for the bust darts. It worked beautifully. Tell me this sweater is not the perfect fit now? Thank God for Moms and Sewing Machines!

My Soleil

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interview with Andy Paiko

I've got a real treat for you today. A few days ago on Ravelry I saw a link for a glass spinning wheel. That's right, you heard me, a Glass Spinning Wheel! I encourage everyone to go see his fabulous wheel.

Man, do I wish I was independently wealthy. This baby would be mine to drool over. Although, I could never really get it. I'd be terrified of hearing an ear-splitting shriek followed by tiny glass shards hitting the floor due to a certain two year old menace that I live with.

But! I was so in awe of Mr. Paiko's work that I just had to beg for an interview and he was gracious enough to grant that request. I had all the questions laid out, but he does such a great job telling his story that I think I will just let him say it his way...


Thanks so much for your interest in my work... I am so happy that the
spinningwheel is being passed around on fiber arts websites and blogs.
I know it is a tight-knit community (HA!... I just made that up, but it's
probably very stale for you).

My wheel is made of over a hundred separate hot-sculpted glass
components, fitted and cold-fused with an archival UV-curing
adhesive and steel hardware. The wood ismexican cocobolo.
The piece can be dismantled for easier transport. With the distaff,
it is 60" tall. It took me about three months of 8-hour days and
many sleepless nights to complete.

To be perfectly honest, I am more interested in the mechanics
of spinning wheels and the metaphors that may be inferred by such
a well-respected craft than the act of spinning wool itself, which
I have only seen done, never done myself. My wheel can be treadled
in a normal and comfortable manner, and fiber which has been threaded
on the bobbin and flyer will certainly take many several twists per inch.

The model and it's proportions are all taken from Eric Corran's book,
"Understanding the Spinning Wheel", pg. 168. It will be on display in
the window of the Portland, OR, Museum of Contemporary Craft this
coming June with an accompanying video of it in use (which I am
editing right now and hope to post on youtube soon). It is for sale at

I saw this quote, right after I finished it, coincidentally, which rather
succinctly sums up the otherwise ambiguous reasons behind my
WEAVING NEW PATTERNS." -August Strindberg, from "A Dream Play",
as interpreted by Ingmar Bergman in "Fanny and Alexander".

I have been making glassware and sculpture from glass since 1994
when I was 17. I have apprenticed several craftsmen over the years, but
have taken very few classes and for the most part, am self-taught. I do
occasionally take commissions if contacted.

Hope this answers your questions... Feel free to post any of it.

Cheers! -Andy

Thanks so much for the interview Andy and I look forward to the video!

UPDATE: Go here to see the video!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Stitch Markers

I want to share with you a couple of things that I made this weekend.

First, I made these little guys. There are actually eight of them, but only three are camera hams.
Hippo Stitch Markers
I fell in love with these Blue Moon beads when I saw them. Here's a close-up shot:

And last, I was still in the mood to play and so made this little set of earrings:

Cute huh?

Monday, May 26, 2008

What I did on Memorial Day Weekend

What a fabulous weekend! Why?

1. I sold a fish tank and made $200.00!

2. On Friday I sold a barbie and made $203.50!

3. I sold a giant display cooler and made $25.00!

4.Thanks to the above three things,

I ordered my new Fricke Spinning Wheel!!!!

5. I did some more knitting!

I've split the neckline and I'm working my way up.

6. In a few minutes I'm going to see a movie!

7. I did some crochet!

Barefoot Sandal! Once I get the kinks worked out, I'll post the pattern.

What a great weekend!