Friday, September 25, 2009

Children's Mini Survival Kit Tutorial - For Girls or Boys!

The Eldest's Birthday Party Camp Out is tomorrow and it's getting down to the wire for party preparations.

Here's one of the activities the kids will be doing.  This one is good for rain or shine!

Children's Mini Survival Kit

What you'll need:

Altoid Tin or Similar Tin (I found mine at the Specialty Bottle Supply)
Paint - Black spray paint; Brown and Green acrylic craft paints
Survival essentials
Cotton Balls for paint application

1.  Spray paint your tin black (on the outside only.)  Don't worry if the paint doesn't coat every single part of it, you'll cover up those spots with the craft paint. 

2.  Then, using a cotton ball, apply a layer of green craft paint.  Remember to leave it a little splotchy since we're going for a camouflage look. 

3.  Once that's done, go ahead and apply the brown paint in the same way.  It should look like this at this point:

 Now you get to fill it up.  Here's what I used:

Camouflage Bandaids
Cotton Ball - Could be used on an open wound before bandaid is used.
Fishing Hook - Before giving a child a fishing hook, please remove the barbed ends  with a flush cutter, then
sand the cut end. 
Fishing Line - about two yards or so
Whistle - there are better whistles out there, this is just what I had time to find.
Magnifying Glass - the handle was too long for the box, so I removed it.
Mini LED Flashlight
Compass/Carabiner combo

The possibilities are endless when finding things to fill the tin with!

I will be placing these out in different bowls for the kids to put their kit together.  They will also be painting the tin themselves with the craft paint.  I've already done the spray painting.

If you want to use this idea for girls: 

Spray paint the tin black as above, then apply a light gray and a pink craft paint for girly camouflage.  Then fill it with girly essentials like mini lip glosses, rings, mini nail polish, small mirror or comb, etc!

Have Fun!