Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Cake!

I survived the birthday party!  Just barely.  I got a sum total of two hours sleep on Saturday evening.  I was a little tired the next day.  It was a fun party.  One of the boys declared that "This is the funnest birthday party ever!"  I call that a win. 

The camping themed cake went well too.  I took a 9 x 13 cake, chopped off the end, broke that into pieces and stacked it up in one corner to make a hill:

I covered the hill with some water and chocolate rocks, added a few trees (frosted sugar cones), a tent (used graham crackers), a fire (using pretzels and frosting) and some grass and came up with this:
Click to Enlarge for Details

 Here's another (and better) angle:
 Click to Enlarge for Details

This was also declared the coolest cake ever.  The parents loved it as much as the kids.  They had no idea how easy this cake was to make!

It got a lot less cool after the boys attacked it:

More fun stuff about the party:
- The kids got to make a camouflage shirt to take home. We used tshirts and Rit dye (brown, tan and green).  They turned out really cute.
- They made a fire in the firepit in the back yard and made smores.
- They camped out in the living room floor since it was too wet to camp outdoors.  They got to watch Iron Man.  This turned out to be a good settle down activity.
- They also made the survival kits.
-We had Pigs in a Blanket and fries for supper, and I made a mountain of pancakes early the next morning for them all.

I had other stuff planned for them to do, but it turned out that this was plenty.

The Eldest was extremely pleased with everything.  I guess I get to keep my "Best Mom Ever" credentials for another year.  :)