Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wouldn't Ya Just Know It

You ever see one of those Coke commercials?  You know, the one where a person is so thirsty and they buy the Coke and take a big swig and say Ahhhhhh.  Remember that one? 

Well, that was almost me today.  Almost.   Let's have a quick walk through, shall we?

The setting:   My Mommyvan, around lunchtime.
The object of desire:    A freshly purchased Coke, waiting to be sipped.
The person:   Me, thirsty and very sleepy, in desperate need of just a touch of caffeine in order to stay awake.
The conflict:    Mommyvan turns a corner, just a hundred yards from home.
The result:   Coke flies across the van. 

I might have been able to save a few sips of that lovely, refreshing Coke, but the straw jammed into the bottom of the cup creating a nice hole so that when I picked the cup up, more liquid escaped from the bottom.

The passenger side of the van is now quite sticky and the floor mats have been removed for further cleaning.

I never got one sip of that d@mned Coke.

I took a good two hour nap today and got nothing whatsoever done.  :sigh: