Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter is Upon Us!

Easter is upon us and preparations have been made.  Tell me if you can guess what these are:

No, it's not giant teeth.

What about this, know what it is?

It's definitely not giant Calamari Rings.


They could be pickets for a cute little picket fence, but they're not.

When those not-pickets were being cut up, there were some pointy shaped leftovers.  See what the Youngest did with them (check out the cape too):

Okay, I'll have mercy on you.   I bet you can guess what they are now:

Yep, Bunny Ears.  The Youngest's class party is today and I was scrambling to get these made in time. 

I used one giant (36" x 60") piece of white Foamies and two of the regular (11" x 17") size pink Foamies to make them.  At JoAnn's they were charging $.99 per (11" x 17") sheet.  At that price, this project could get expensive real fast when you need enough to make 12 hats.  But I found the giant roll of white Foamies on an endcap on the aisle and they were charging only $7.99 for it.

I would have needed 3 regular white sheets per child (12 kids).  Ouch.  Without the big roll or a coupon I would have paid $38.00 for 12 hats or $3.16 per kid. 

With the roll and a 40% off coupon the Total price for 12 hats = $6.80 or $.56 per child.  Much better.

The bands that go around the head was 4" x 20" and was stapled together at the back of the head (smooth side of the staple to the inside please.)  I made a template of the white part of the ear and drew it onto the big sheet.  I made a smaller template for the pink part of the ear.  Assembly of the ears was done with regular glue and then the ears were stapled onto the back as well.  I'm a big fan of staples, can you tell?

Super easy Easter project and they turned out darned cute if I do say so myself: