Monday, September 21, 2009

More Paint and More Knitting

I'm so sick of rain and thunderstorms!  We've had between 12" and 16" in the last 24 hours.  Can you believe it?  There are school and road closings due to flash floods.  My yard is washing away.  Oh and do you know how difficult it is to get paint to dry with this much rain? Very.

Here's how my cabinets currently look after more painting this weekend and today.

Here's a bunch (not all) of my cabinet doors:

I have been finding a small amount of time to knit as well.  I have finished both the front and back of the Quidditch sweater.  I've also started one of the sleeves.  I've had to mod the sleeves and I'll give all the details on that later.  So here's how it currently looks.

I have to go unplug my computer now.  Too much lighting to stay on long!