Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Happened to My Interwebz?

Remember when I said that we got between 12" and 16" yesterday?  Add another 3" to 5" for the area, okay?  No, there's been no damage here, other than school being out.  Have I told you that I hate having school out?  I can't get anything done with the kids in the house!  Seriously though, I find it very difficult to believe that kids are out of school today because of rain.  I know that there are lots of roads and major highways washed out due to flash flooding, but still. 

My internet has been out the whole day thanks to the storms.  It's 8:03 pm and I just got on.  The DT's were setting in.  Or, as my Mom called it, the Down Technologies.  Really, I think I was getting the shakes.  Internet addiction is a terrible thing, I tell ya!

Now, I'm off to put up more cabinet doors by myself.  I've found out that it's very difficult to do by yourself.  Doable, but difficult.

I can't wait to call it a night so that I can go curl up with my knitting and some Top Gear, Oh Yeah!  I love guy shows and movies.  None of that chick flick, gotta find a boyfriend or my life is ruined and I need a good cry kind of movies for me.  (Almost sounds like a country song doesn't it?)  No sir.  I have enough trials and tribulations in my life already.   Just lots of fast cars, excitement, blowing things up kind of fun for me!