Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cabinet Uh-Ohs

Just for once I want a project where everything goes well the first time.  I don't care if the project is knitting, making jewelry or kitchen renovation, really.  Every blooming time I pick up a project, something, whether big or small, goes wrong.

Let's use the kitchen renovation as an example, shall we?

I have four cabinet door left to put up.  Guess what?  I'm one cabinet knob and two hinges short.   I don't know if I counted the cabinets wrong, lost one knob or the company shipped one less than I asked for.  Doesn't really matter, I'm still one knob short.  As for the hinges, it looks like when I was grabbing hinges out of the box at Home Depot, a hinge from another pile was in there and I didn't notice until I was fighting to get my cabinet door on.

I'm sore from putting up the doors by myself as well.  Another set of hands would have been much appreciated.  Also, the mosquitoes have come out with a vengeance thanks to the torrential rains that we've had.  I've been eaten alive while standing in my garage painting and while in the kitchen putting up doors.  They are everywhere and they like the tasty Shea meat.

But!  The kitchen is starting to finally come together.  This is what it is beginning to look like:

The cabinets used to be a bare nasty white, they are now cream and have had wood trim added to them.  Also, new hinges and knobs.  This has really dressed them up.  Here's an example of what they looked like before.  And while you're at it, take a look at that nasty wallpaper too (please ignore the cat, he doesn't need encouragement):

It's been a long road, let me tell ya.  I still have a good ways to go:

1.  I still have to do the counter top over by the sink, both paint and resin.
2.  I need to purchase a new sink.
3.  More joint compound stenciling above two of the cabinets is needed.
4.  Doors need to be painted and the trim around them as well.
5.  I will be antiquing the cabinets with a brown glaze (very lightly) to warm them up a little.
6.  I still need to put a second coat of resin on all the counters.
7.  I need to start thinking about curtains around the bay window in the breakfast nook and the window above the kitchen sink.  Here's what's going on there:
  • Do I make the curtains myself?
  • Do I go with curtains or roman shades?
  • What style?  I want absolutely nothing "country or cottage style".  Something more modern and contemporary, but I have no clue what would look good around a bay window.  Curtains are not my forte, obviously.
Not all of us around here are working hard during the renovation:

I told you he doesn't need encouragement, didn't I?