Tuesday, November 13, 2007

football, knitting, cats and desk lamps

Wanna see how great I am with a digital camera that has a major delay between when you push the button and it actually takes a picture? Sunday was the Eldest's last football game of the year. He had the ball, was hauling major a$$ down the field followed by a whole crowd of the opposing team. I clicked the button and what did I get? A foot, a hand and the football peaking out from behind one of the coaches. Great.
My son's in there somewhere.

What else was I doing during the game? Well, it wasn't knitting that's for sure. Keeping the Youngest from charging out onto the field took four arms and four legs. His Dad and I had our hands full during the whole game. I swear he needs a Nanny Octopus to keep him under control. It really is wrestling with a wild monkey folks. Notice the look he's giving his Dad for holding the back of his shirt.

I don't know who you think you're messing with bub, but if you think holding my shirt's gonna stop me, you've got another think coming!

As far as the cardigan goes, I got the back finished and am a little over halfway done with the right front. Here's the current piece being modeled by Widget the Supervisor doing one of her quality inspection checks:

She says "Knitting's fine, but the desk lamp could be a little warmer."

Check out the color of the knitting and the color of the eyes.

Perfect match!

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