Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sat. evening knitting and other misc. stuff

I'm so bummed. My alma mater let me down last night. They just didn't bring their game to Athens last night. However, I got tons of knitting done. I've almost completed the back to the Minimalist Cardigan. Yesterday when I picked this up, I had only about a third of what you see here accomplished. This is very speedy knitting for me. Of course with the game taking twice as long as it should have due to all the flags the refs had flying everywhere, there was lots of time to put into my project.

Back almost finished!

Here's an interesting link, but I have to wonder what the artist could possibly have been thinking. Why? Why would someone build a city with eggs? I'm all for crafting and art, but mine is a little more practical. I don't usually (notice the caveat?) make something just to say that I did it.

On the nanowrimo novel front - it's a no go for right now. I'm still writing, but not to the extent that they expect. There's a little too much going on in my life to put that much time into it. By the time the kids are in bed in the evening, I want to relax and unwind, not beat my head against my monitor because I can't come up with 1667 words a day. That takes the enjoyment right out of writing for me. maybe later.
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