Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kitty Bulimia

Have I told you about my kitty, Widget, that suffers from Bulimia? I think she's worried about her weight. Seriously. She rushes to the kitty bowl, eats like there's no tomorrow (daintiness be damned) and will then purge for all she's worth. Not immediately of course. She waits 'til we're not looking then finds interesting places for her, ahem, purging.

My hubby's favorite place for her to purge is the dog's water bowl. He sounds like a sailor everytime it happens. This is not a bowl per say, it's one of those bowls that has a giant bottle that looks like it belongs on the water cooler at work. So, it ain't easy to clean.

One of the others is our taupe colored carpet. She purges, then let's it lie in wait til it's allover cold and squishy. She then finds a good vantage point and waits til the stupid humans step in it in their bare feet. Yecch!

Well, a girl's gotta look after her figure somehow. Did I tell you she also likes practical jokes?

Don't look now, but your toe's an inch away from my latest joke.


  1. I've got a bulimic cat too. Though she mostly limits her purging to our bedroom carpet. Oh how I *love* to get a foot full of that in the middle of the night.

  2. I wish ours only limited it to one room. She's been everywhere. Noone is safe.

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    We call it the scarf & barf in our house... he only does it when we're lax in our bowl-filling duties and he has to wonder for a whole hour if he's going to starve to death before we fill it again.