Tuesday, May 22, 2007

tractors, graduation and gardens

Yuck! There's clouds of smoke around here (Atlanta) that have travelled all the way from the wild fires on the Ga/Fl state line. That's quite a ways folks! Smells awful.

AAAHHH! I'm overwhelmed! The first deadline approacheth! I have managed to get some more knitting done though, just no pics of it. The stole had become approximately 3.5 feet in length. I'm getting there!

Anyway, we had an awesome weekend. We skipped town and went to the lake. The eldest got to drive a farm tractor and loved it. The owner of the tractor is a cousin in-law.

Check out the serious expression on the eldest's face.

He also graduated kindergarten on Friday. The results of his reading contest will be announced on this coming Friday, so he only has three more days to read his little heart out for it.

The proud grad

Remember I promised some shots of my In-Law's gorgeous garden/front yard? These are just a few that I got. The first two were taken from their front porch. We thought they were absolutely nuts for tearing up the yard to put in a garden. Boy, were we wrong!

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