Thursday, February 19, 2009


Can you say "Ta-Da!" when the project isn't exactly together?

I've finished knitting the pieces and sewing in most of the loose ends. It's blocking right now under a heater vent and next to a dehumidifier, so I expect it to be dry fairly quickly.

I figure that I'll have five hours in the car in which to sew the sleeves and set them in. No problem, as long as the kids are somewhat behaving anyway.

I did find out while setting it out to be blocked that my row gauge was a bit off. The sleeves are about an inch too long. I'll either have to adjust it as I set the sleeves in and hem or I'll just have extra long sleeves to pull over my cold hands and fingers. Either way, it'll work out fine. I'm an optimistic soul, can ya tell?

So, Ta-Da!, sort of anyway. :)