Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rogue FO!

Sometimes I'm convinced that technology conspires against me.

My brother gave me all sorts of computer pieces and parts. So yesterday I took apart my pc to plug what I could use into it. Turns out, I couldn't use a dang thing. Either the stuff wasn't compatible with my pc or it couldn't be secured into the casing. I'm so bummed. So if you were wondering where I was yesterday, I had my pc spread all over my office.

Today, I took some pics of my finished Rogue Pullover. Guess what? More pc problems. But, I finally got things squared away and now bring you this:

I had help during the photoshoot as well:

He thought it was hilarious that Endora has now grown a purple head.

I finished piecing the sweater together on the drive up to Florence, SC this past weekend and got to wear it while I was there. Of course, not one person noticed, but I loved it. It fits like a glove and is incredibly flattering on.

Despite the trouble I had interpreting the pattern, I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone. It's fun, doesn't get boring at all and looks great on just about anyone. If you don't believe me, head over to Ravelry and look at the photos of over 900 finished Rogues and you'll become a believer too.

We had a great time seeing family, both boys behaved and so did my nephews and that alone, my friends, makes for a great weekend. I also got to do some geeky family genealogy stuff and visited a graveyard and got lots of info. about dead people. Doesn't that sound like fun to you? :)