Friday, February 27, 2009

A Knitting Quandary

It's nasty rainy here today in Marietta, GA and we're supposed to get even more. Two of the testosterone members of this household have decided that it would be great to go camping this weekend in it.

I've come to the conclusion that Testosterone = Stoopidity. That leaves me stuck with the last little testosterone filled menace. I'm going to try and pawn him off on his grandmother for a while tomorrow to get a little peace and quiet.

Anyway, the Youngest and I decided to go look for yarn today in that nasty rain. I want to make the owls sweater that is taking the knitting world by storm. It's a bulky yarn and I don't have any of that in my house, so an excursion was called for. We went to Joann's and found nothing. Then it was over to the lys and we found more nothing. Wasted all that gas for what? nuthin'. :sigh:

So I have this sweater that I've been working on for far too long and it has a far way to go before it's finished. Remember yesterday's discussion?

Do I:

a) keep plugging at it, it'll look great on me when I'm 84.
b) burn it. the red color will look lovely in the fireplace.
c) frog it to use in another sweater that's more appealing.

That's the quandary that I have at the moment.

You know, if I frogged the bajillion cable sweater and held two strands together, it would make a lovely owl sweater, wouldn't it?

What does do you think? Please, if you lurk here occasionally, come out and give your opinion. I'm feeling guilty about the hours already put into that damn sweater, but I don't want to keep on working on something I'm beginning to hate and that hurts my wrists.

I think I need help. Perhaps a beverage would help?