Monday, March 02, 2009


Yesterday, out of the blue, we got a mini-blizzard. When I left the house to go to church we had rain with a smidge of sleet mixed in. When I left an hour and a half later, there was at least three inches of snow on my car. Talk about weird.

We almost never get snow here. At the most we get one snow a year with about two inches accumulation. We got over three yesterday in an hour! That may not mean much to the people above the Mason Dixon line, but here, it's an event of huge proportions.

The kids bugged the snot out of me until I let them go play in it. It took the Eldest about 10 minutes before he had decided that he had had enough and he came racing into the house. We had to drag the Youngest inside. He could care less about physical discomfort.

Here's what it looked like on my drive back from church. Yes, Mom, I know that I shouldn't have done this, but I did still have two hands on the wheel as I clicked the pic.

I also did something really stupid. When I got home the car looked like this:

I pulled into the garage and went inside, stupidly forgetting that all that snow would melt and that the garage floor would be flooded. The hubby had a primo fit over the small flood. :)

Thanks to the folks who totally vindicated my knitting hatred! The dreaded Zara Cabled Pullover thingy has now been frogged and I've begun my Owls sweater. Details to come tomorrow.