Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Worry about Owls

The Eldest's last basketball practice of the season was last night, and I actually had a pretty good time. While I was sitting there working on the Owls sweater, I looked up and noticed a small crowd of little kids around me, watching me knit.

They started asking questions and before I knew it, I was teaching two four year old little girls the knit stitch. They were so cute. I'm sure once they walked away they forgot what I showed them, but maybe later on they'll remember the strange lady that showed them what knitting was while their brothers played basketball and they'll want to take up the hobby. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

I was working on the sweater this morning while watching the show Treasure Quest on Discovery.com. I'm such a fan of that show. It's a lot of fun to watch. I'm into archaeology and treasure hunting stuff and love shows like that. So there I was knitting and I looked down at my project and started getting worried.

I'm not used to making a bulky sweater and this one looked awfully small. It felt tight and on the needles, looked way too small for me. I'm making the S/M size. I wanted a little ease built into the sweater to accommodate my nice little poochy tummy. Camouflage is your friend. (I'm sure exercise and dieting are too, but unlike Janice, who's an exercise fiend, exercise and dieting and I are just barely slight acquaintances, not really true friends.) Maybe I'm allergic to things that are healthy?

I ran a lifeline through the loops and put it onto my friend Endora. Have I told you how much I'm enjoying having Endora around? Yes, I could try it on my body, but it's nice to put it on her and walk around and get different perspectives on how the sweater is coming along. I even got out the destructions (instructions for most people) and a tape measure to make sure that me and my gauge were going to be happy with the results so far and guess what?

I'm pleased to say that my eyes must have been playing tricks on me. Fits fine and there's still a tiny bit of ease. Phew!