Thursday, January 31, 2008

Half a Sweater

I'm feeling much better. Antibiotics are wonderful things. Thanks to those who chimed in to wish me well.

I finished the lace portion of Bella Paquita and attached it to the top of the sweater. This part of the grafting went much better than attaching the sleeves did. Not sure why, but I'm much happier with how it looks than how the sleeves look.

Look Mom - Half a sweater!

On to the next portion. I am built like a pear (and I freakin' hate it, but that's neither here nor there,) so based on my measurements, I decided to use the small size top and medium size bottom to the sweater. Lord how I wish I could say the opposite, but child rearing has done me no favors.

Now if I had known how much math was involved with knitting, I might not have taken it up as a hobby. really. It's simple math that always messes with my brain, not the hard stuff. Why me? Why was it so hard today for me to figure out how to get the number of stitches I had on each side, front and back, down to the starting number of sts. on each side? Why? It's not hard, but for some reason my brain refused to wrap itself around these numbers. A calculator wasn't even that much help. And to top it off, I had to figure it out and make sure that the k2p2 ribbing came out even. The first time I did it I ended up with a k2k2p2k2 kind of thing. Not pretty. It was a total BLONDE afternoon.

I like being blonde. When I do stupid things, I get to blame it on my haircolor. :)

I got some new sock yarn in from Knitpicks. I'm playing around with a new sock design idea (cross your fingers that I can figure it out) and it was a good excuse for getting in these colors:
Black, white, pink, soft yellow and green
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