Thursday, August 09, 2007

Earricuss Gigantus

Messiouss Babious + Mosquitoe = Earricuss Gigantus
This is what happens when a 19 month old and an itty-bitty mosquito rendezvous. You get a hugely swollen ear. Notice how it's standing straight out from his head! When the youngest woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon, he had a huge Dumbo ear. I rushed him to the doctor to find out why my baby had elephantitus of the ear. The doctor just glanced at him and said "oh, it's just a bug bite." So, $30 dollars spent to be told he had a bug bite. lovely. The swelling is still not completely down, but it's getting better.

Sillius Boyius with new Glasses

Yesterday was a lovely comedy of errors. First, found giganta ear on baby. Second, made Dr. appointment. Then, left 20 minutes early to pick up eldest from first day of school. This part was HELL. Very unorganized pick up situation due to construction and first day confusion. This resulted in us being 20 minutes late to the doctor. Only to be told about the bug bite.

Oh Well. Today was much better. Thank God. I actually got two repeats done on the sock I was knitting in the car pool line.
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