Saturday, July 14, 2007

free stuff costs $$$

Ya ever noticed how free stuff costs you money? Two examples that happened this week:

1. Some tenants moved out of a rental house that we have and left a bunch of stuff. One of those being a sega-genesis game system (one of the old original ones). Eldest happens to be a video game junkie and was thrilled. The system was missing a cord, so there was $13 bucks spent on a cord and one used game for it.

2. Free Braves tickets from a rich uncle who has season tickets. Hubby wasn't going to go. He's been in a terrible depression from the job and has been turning into a house hermit. He desperately needed a night out. I had to almost pick a fight with him to get him and eldest to go. They both had a great time and after I got the youngest to bed, I had a relaxing evening to myself. Of course they had to get drinks and peanuts at ball park prices but I consider that evening worth it!

So, I got a little bit more on the corset done. I'm on chart D and working my way through the mini cables. Here's some pics of the project right before I started on that section.
I can't wait to finish this. I think I'm going to try Annie's new corset top after this! It's been fun to do this one. There are several mistakes hidden in there, but I "think" they're not going to be noticeable to anyone but me, especially since I'm the only person I know around here that knits. :)
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