Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had an A-HA! moment today. Today was the day where I figured out what went wrong with my Circular Shrug. Remember this?

In this pic, the arrow is pointing to the ribbing. I just couldn't figure out why this side was wider. Well, duh. I skipped a most important line in the pattern. You know, the line that says into increase the amount of stitches? I feel very stupid. and annoyed. Why didn't I see this before?

This is why, my friends, when you are frustrated, it is good to *cue the swat team voice - "Step Away From The Knit." end swat team voice*

I took another look at it this afternoon and went, A-HA! that's the culprit! Sigh. Now I have to rip that section back and fix it. But at least now I know what's wrong.

My gray/pink sweater is coming along nicely. I think. It's a top down raglan and I need to put it on scrap yarn and try on what I've done and see if a), it fits and b), I like the giant pink striping section that I added to it. It's difficult to tell on the needles where the stripe will be on the body. I do like the color combo though at the moment.

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  1. I laughed myself sick at your SWAT voice. My husband was on the SWAT team in Baltimore for years (he retired as the lieutenant)...and I realized when I read your post that he sometimes says things in that voice. I am still snickering.

    And I doubt very much if the Trenna shawl will come in in the top twenty. Spectacular, it is not. Too far along to start over, though.