Monday, March 10, 2008

My Cap

Hi All! I'm back, tired, but back. This weekend's sale went wonderfully. I even got some knitting done as well!

I worked on the Jaunty Cap by Terry Morris. I worked with only one strand of yarn instead of two. I was afraid I would not have enough yarn, but now I wish I would have so that the had would be a bit firmer. It hasn't stopped me from wearing it though. I love it and the colors. It's made with Noro Silk Garden #270 on size 9, 16" circs.
Such pretty colors!

I also started a new project. I really want to start on a cabled sweater. I have everything I need for it. But! I'm going to be taking an Annie Modesitt class in April on Cables and Lace so I thought that I would wait. I want to be able to use any cool techniques she has on that sweater. So, I started the Purple Sweater .

Except it won't be purple. I'm using my new alpaca yarn from Peru for this. I have 5 skeins of the light gray and 5 skeins of a very bright pink. I think that I'm going to put in random widths of pink stripes in it. The pink is a bit too bright for my tastes, but it will be cute as a few stripes in this sweater.
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