Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What an afternoon!

What an afternoon I've had. Let me just tell you....

I decided today that I would be industrious and cut both boy's hair today. I gave up years ago on the ridiculous cost of haircuts for children in this area. Do you know that they charge around $8 to $15 bucks to cut kids hair? Forget it. I went out and bought a $19.00 set of hair trimmers and never looked back.
The Eldest went first
But you really don't know what fun it is to try and strong-arm a precocious two year old while taking the shears to his head. Watching the Eldest get his hair cut first helped a little. Having him sit of his own accord in a chair didn't work. Holding him with one arm while sitting on the floor and holding the shears in the other hand didn't work. Putting him in the high chair and buckling him down and giving him a small cup of chocolate chips Worked! He wasn't thrilled, but he didn't really fight it anymore.
After the wrestling match

There was a huge pile of hair left over after I balded the two of them.

The pan was overflowing

What else happened this afternoon you ask?

Well, first the Youngest lost his "papper" (pacifier) in the back yard and we had to have a scavenger hunt to find it before the puppy did.

Next, once we were inside he got into the pantry and removed the labels from the two containers that hold flour and threw them into the trash can when I wasn't looking. I had to guess which one the self rising one was so that I could make Buttermilk biscuits to go with supper.

Then, a little later I was putting my gray/pink sweater back on the needles (I had put it on scrap yarn to try it on) and heard "Mommy, got poopies in pahnts." That got my attention pretty quick, and I looked up to see his pants and diapers around his ankles and his little tushy in site of God and everyone. Luckily he still gets confused about the proper "potty" words and the diaper was only wet. I don't even want to think about the mess that could have been at that point.

And last, I caught him trying to shove a barbie shoe up his nose. (don't ask why we have a couple of barbies around a house full of boys)

Did I mention that all of this happened in a two hour time span?

Would anyone care for a used Two year old? He's free to a good home.


  1. lol! no thank you, I already have a two-year old of my own :)

  2. You couldn't do it...look at that face. lol
    I wish I could still get my boys a haircut for that it's $20 or more! They both need one so bad...maybe we should drop by your house for a "buzz".
    Glad he got the words mixed up...that could've been real bad. eewwww

  3. Barbie shoes up the nose... snort. I'm laughing with you, not at you. I have three active girls and we've seen it all here. Never a dull moment with kids around!

  4. older son never put anything that he shouldn't into any bodily opening until he was 11... then he came to me in tears because he had swallowed at "b'da ball" (a marble from one of his "battle b'daman" figures). i'm ashamed to say i laughed! i told him it would just pass through his system. his question: so i'll get it back? my answer: NO!!!