Monday, March 17, 2008

Knitting and Two Men Without a Shirt

I had a nice weekend. On Friday the kids and I took off to my parents place out on Lake Wedowee, Alabama. The water level is back up in the lake and it was so pretty. The weather was perfect and the kids spent a lot of time playing outside.

My Mom and I were watching the lake from the kitchen window and saw something fairly amusing. There were two boats in the water. Both had three men in them. Both boats had one guy wearing blue. And both boats had a guy in the middle with no shirt on. All of the guys in both boats were wearing baseball caps. It kinda sounds like the beginning of a complicated word/logic problem doesn't it? I tried to take a picture of it for you, but my camera phone won't zoom in clearly that far.

I did a bunch of knitting this weekend and this is the current results:
Inside Out
The body of the sweater is done and I began the sleeves this afternoon. I was too lazy to turn this thing right-side out to take a pic, but you get the general idea don't you? I haven't decided if I am going to do full length sleeves or three quarter length sleeves. Either way, I will have a tiny amount of pink at the cuffs I think. I'll probably do those in purl so that I can get a thinner straight line. I just want to echo the pink a tiny bit. I was going to do the cuffs like I did the yoke, but I think it will be too much.

Either way, I have strayed away from the original pattern. I've changed the waist shaping and the arms and I changed the raglan increases at the shoulders. At this point, it's just a basic raglan, nothing fancy and certainly not the Purple Sweater that I was going to make. It fits beautifully, though I still need to lose some serious weight in the tummy area to really show it off well.

Edited to Add: Forgot to mention why this is wrong-side out didn't I? When I work with two circs in the round, the wrong side is always out. Don't know why or how I began doing this, I just know it works for me. Anyone else do this?


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    The sweater colors are so pretty - but you knit inside out? Wow!

  2. I knit inside out only when working with two circs. When I constructed the main part of this sweater it was done on one circ. and right-side out.

  3. Forgot to mention (I'm doing that a lot today aren't I?) that only the sleeves have been done on two circs. I attempted to do the sleeves on one 16" circ, but it just wasn't happening so I switched to the two circ method and had to flip the whole sweater inside out.

  4. A word problem....whew...I thought we were gonna have to do math! lol
    I love those colors together and can't wait to see it finished.

    Thanks for the comment about my
    Mom...she's home now and doing fine.


  5. i have my calculator out... so where's the rest of the problem??? (yeah - i loved math...)
    i think that when you knit in the round it is SUPPOSED to be inside out. i've never been able to master it. it's always been easier to have the kint facing out for me.