Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tank Progress

I'm catching up on my Green Apple Tank Sweater.  It's slow going, but less slow than it was when it was all ribbing.  At least now there's a good mix of ribbing and stockinette to keep me from getting too bored. 

Here's how it looks at this moment:

There's about 7 more inches to go on this.  Then I have to figure out what edge to put on it to keep it from curling.  Or maybe I'll just let it curl, not sure what I'll do yet.  I do know that around the neckline I'm going to have to put some type of finish on it.  My cast on ended up being very sloppy and it's really bugging me.  I also do not know how I'm going to correct that as of yet.

It's all a learning process and I'm learning quite a lot.  I love the way knitting keeps you humble.   Just when you think you know so much, something jumps up and bites you on the behind.  I now know not to use that cast on in the future (sort of a back loop hybrid) when starting a project.  I also now know what not to knit for a ahem 39 (plus one) year old in the too sexy sweater department.  Every sweater teaches me so much.  Maybe more than I really wanted to know. 
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