Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Silly Mommy and the Circus Clown Hats

Once upon a time, it was determined that there would be a Circus Day at preschool.  A very silly Mommy raised her hand and volunteered to make Clown hats for all the children to wear.

The hats began their life as stiff sheets of 11 x 17" felt.  Their transformation began as they were folded carefully, cut, then glued together to form a cone and a giant PomPom was glued on top:

More PomPoms miraculously migrated to the bottom of the hats while the silly Mommy sat sucking on the thumb that had hot glue migrate to it.

Little shapes of sticky felt appeared and stuck themselves to the sides of the hat along with more PomPoms and a few sticky backed gems until the hats were completed.  Then, they were fruitful and multiplied and tried to take over the silly Mom's kitchen:

There they still sit.  Waiting for the big preschool Circus Day.  The silly Mommy has had to build a big barricade around them for their own protection.  The cat really likes PomPoms.