Friday, April 16, 2010

Nutrition and Lying to your Children

I have figured out how to get my extremely stubborn and hard headed four year old to eat what's put in front of him.  I have to lie to him.

For example:

He loves grits (he is Southern after all) so at Thanksgiving when he wouldn't touch the Turkey Dressing, I told him it was "Thanksgiving Grits".  He ate every bite without argument.

At a restaurant one time, he demanded Coke.  He is never allowed Coke or any other caffeinated beverage.  He loves invisible koolaid though, so I asked him if he would like to drink some Invisible Coke?  The waitress walked away laughing and brought him back a Sprite and he was thrilled.

The latest incident was last night.  I had made a "from scratch" lasagna, down to the last pasta noodle.  It was fantastic, but guess who wouldn't touch it?  Until, that is, I told him it was Melted Pizza.  The boy dove in and ate it like it was good!

Makes me feel so clever.  Yep, clever in deed to have outsmarted a four year old.   There comes a point in life that you take what triumphs you can, especially with a kid who knows everything.

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