Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beginner Geek

I spent my day wrapping my head around learning some new skillz.  The Eldest's teacher asked me to come up with  a sign for their school's glass and plastic recycle bins.  The school is being a guinea pig for the school system with this project and it's super important that the whole program works.  If it fails here at the school, then it won't be used by the school system.  So, I wanted to come up with something a little nicer than just plain text in a word document.  I think I've nailed it, but we'll see if the teacher likes or not.  If not, it's back to the drawing board for me.   I am getting mad crazy with my GIMP skillz!
I've spent my entire day doing this.  Geeks around the world are laughing at me right this minute for spending so long on what probably should have been a 20 minute job.  An entire day of not doing housework that desperately needed to be done.  An entire day of not knitting, crafting, reading or anything else that I would rather have been doing.  Go ahead and picture me pulling out my hair.

Don't know what GIMP is?  It's a free, open source program that is very similar to Photoshop.  Did I mention it was free?  Yep, I love that word, "free".  My second favorite word is "sale".  You can download it here

But how to you use it?  Well, like I said, I'm still wrapping my head around it.  I've also been using my google-fu to get lots of Gimp tutorials today.  My Google-Fu is strong.
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