Monday, July 21, 2008

My First Knitting Group

I joined my first knitting group this past weekend. It was low-key and small, but surprisingly fun. There were only four of us, but a few more are in the group that couldn't make it.

The four of us that did make it were so different from each other. It amazes me the way a hobby can bring together people from all walks of life that would probably never associate with each other in their everyday lives. Without knitting, we would never have even crossed paths. That is so cool to me. I can't wait to go again. I won't make it this weekend, but I hope to go the next.

I took along my Anthropologie Capelet I've been working on. It's an easy, relatively mindless project that can be worked on around others (unlike the wedding shawl I'm slogging through at night.) I got so hooked on it that I finished it up that night:

Please excuse the blurriness of the pic if you click to enlarge it. The 7 year old photographer was very put out at my making him do a photoshoot and was barely able to stand still long enough to take the pic.

This one is much clearer:This capelet was done on size 11 needles and the yarn used was some of my own handspun, the first ever spun on my spinning wheel. I absolutely love the colors. I love pinks, peaches, oranges and corals together.

I had about 200 yards (give or take) and didn't have even an inch left over from this project. As a matter of fact, I had to modify the pattern to save yarn by giving up a row or two and I had to rob Peter to pay Paul by snipping off the leftover bits after weaving in the ends and splicing them to the yarnball to finish the sweater up. Nerve racking. I was sweating over possibly not having enough yarn to finish the project. It's not like I could run out and get another ball for it you know.

A quick note about the broach that you see here:It was in an old jewelry box that belonged to my grandmother. It could be hers or my Mom's, I'm not sure. But it sure is perfect for this capelet! It really adds to the vintage-y feel doesn't it?


  1. That's beautiful! I think your idea of mindless is my idea of torture!

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Very pretty! Love the brooch with it too. Congrats on finding a knitting group - it is so nice to knit with other people - hope it continues to go well!

  3. Yikes! That was close! It is beautiful, though! I love the brooch!