Friday, July 18, 2008

Spinning Wheel Cozy

Yesterday was an all-time low in dealing with two year old tantrums. The whole day absolutely sucked from the time we got up until we threw the Youngest into his bed in disgust that night. Someone please tell me they grow out of this?

He was quite funny today though. We went into a used sports equipment shop and bought a bike for the Eldest. Well. The Youngest wasn't going to stand for his big brother getting one and not him, by golly. He marched himself over to the men's mountain bikes (the costly ones) and tried to get on one. He stood right there in the middle of the store and demanded one. It was a hoot. He already has a fisher-price bike, but try telling anything to an independent two year old. They don't reason well at that age.

Anyway, by the end of the day (yesterday) I was too frazzled to knit or do much that required thought. But I desperately needed something different to keep me occupied and I found it.

I made a Spinning Wheel Cozy! A few years ago when I was heavy into sewing handbags and totes, a friend gave me some beautiful upholstery fabric and that's what I used for the cozy.
The new Spinning Wheel Cozy!

I googled up a basic tea cozy pattern and sorta used it. I took careful measurements of the wheel and started cutting fabric. Most of those measurements went out the window of course. It started looking way too huge. So I pinned and cut, and then pinned and cut again before I started sewing. There is no lining, but it is hemmed. I left the hem a little long so that I can tuck the fabric up under the wheel.

Why did I make one? You try having a wheel sit on the floor in plain site of a very precocious 2 year old brat and a 10 month old puppy. It'd be destroyed in no time. By covering it, it's "out of site, out of mind." It kinda blends in with the wall color I have in my dining room/office. No one has even looked at it twice since it's been covered. Yeah!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks fabulous! I like to think I'm crafty, but not so much in things like knitting and I've never tried spinning!

    I'm a mom and a fellow Marietta blogger; stop in and visit me at my blog when you get a chance. :-)

  2. You're my way-too-cool hero of the day (maybe even the month) for this spinning wheel cozy and the DIY comb hackle. All other projects are on instant hold until I make a replica of your hackle... must have it, gotta have it now! As for the wheel cozy, all my sewing machines are in the basement for winter but when I drag them back up, your cozy is at the top of my list. You ROCK and thanks so much for the new "must haves." BTW... when I get a breath and actually start posting to my blog, "Cindi's Textile Haven", please stop by.


    P.S. All my kids are just past 30 now and I PROMISE YOU, they do grow out of it! :D